Over the year we have seen SME’s to get stuck in loop of one sales figure and the process has been stalled, the companies are running their business and growing as well at standard rate of 5-10% annually, but we help small and medium enterprises to scale their business within short span of time.

We specialize in managing global and local sales management by enabling companies to engage and communicate better with their end customers. The result is achieved by utilizing combination of data, surveys, product enhancement, team enhancement, inside sales, digital marketing, outdoor marketing and print media. The goal is to imprint your brand in mind of targeted users for repeated sales with lesser sales and media budget.

We have strategic relations with Indian corporates, NBFC’s, few government agencies, Manufacturing and Retail segments through leaders and influencers. The relation can help in successful launch or re-launch of your brand.


Software Planning

Team & Product

The first and foremost rule is good product/service to sale and better team for ground execution, we do suggest our share of experience to do some changes if required. The part of suggestion includes quantity, quality, packaging and presentation.

Software Designing


We start generating leads, and if you are already doing that then we focus on reducing the cost per lead. The search engine optimization, social media optimization, newsletter, outdoor advertisement, radio and print media are utilized as per allocated budget along with creative out of the box strategies.

Software Development


The generated leads are extensively worked upon if you have high value product/service and then individual strategy are developed to close the leads, we have always exceeded the industry ratio of lead generation to lead conversion. Our team of experts will take care of step by step process till final closure.

Software Launch

After Sales

Most of the small and medium enterprises miss this crucial step of supporting the client post sales, and hence the chances of developing customer’s loyalty to your brand increase multifold. More sales can be generated from existing customers and thus heavily cutting down lead generation cost.


Saving the cost incurred on employees in first and foremost benefit of sales process outsourcing, we can save upto 70% of your employee cost, sounds great?

We have more in store, our team of experienced professionals makes it easy to find the reason and source of revenue bleeding and to cover it up and at the same time making sure to increase the sales. Being outsourced agency, we work with honesty and can be upfront about the actual problem area, which can not be expected in general from an employee.

Why choose Milleniance as your strategic sales management partner?

We provide custom and strategic solution to deal with different problem scenario in an organisation, however few of the common benefits has been listed below

Security and compliance

Strategically Agile

We move fast and we move with strategy to make sure that our client’s end demand meets within specified time limits and with given resources. Our team is comprised of innovative and goal-centric professionals to provide guardianship to your current sales and marketing team.

Company Specific Solutions

What’s the fun if every company in the same industry is running same ad concept, eventually everyone will be doomed, hence we prepare company specific concept and solutions. You can be assured of influencing your targeted audience and, hence generating more revenue.

Custom Development
Scalable Servers

Scale Exponentially

We are sure that you are growing in your business, but the question is are you scaling? We help your business in growing exponentially with less resources to profit ratio. We are all about avoiding stall-points and making sure that you don’t add tons of extra resources to increase profit.

Focus on Sales

We understand that large business houses are build over the time and hence we consider time as the most important investment. We emphasis on saving the time of every individual in your organization and doubling the output within the allocated time, keeping your focus solely on sales.

Continuous Support

Ready to Start Project

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